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Expanding your business and employing workers globally has many moving parts, from onboarding to payroll and more. You may be establishing a business entity and hiring workers in a new country for the first time. Or you may be transitioning existing workers from an employer of record to your own business entity. Either way, you’ll be tasked with understanding the complexities of paying workers based on local regulations, customs and currency. A professional payroll partner can handle those complexities while ensuring compliance. Global Managed Payroll (GMP) eases your global expansion by giving you instant access to payroll capabilities in 150+ countries. Our payroll experts calculate pay and deductions across your global workforce—ensuring accurate, timely and compliant payroll and giving you back the time and resources to focus on other items of business.

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Rapidly expanding multinationals count on us for:

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When you’re expanding quickly, you might not be familiar with all of the local payroll regulations. We help reduce the risk of penalties, fines or funding loss related to payroll and tax law noncompliance during quick expansion.

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Streamlined payroll

Processes and spreadsheets proliferate when handled by multiple local payroll vendors. We help you create a centralized process that provides you with regularity and reduces errors.

Global reporting

The more countries you add to your footprint, the harder it becomes to deliver comprehensive reporting on workforce costs. We centralize and standardize payroll data to give you a comprehensive view of your costs and liabilities.

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